Affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the Midland Counties Photographic Federation

Lichfield Camera Club

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Honorary President the Mayor of Lichfield

Competition Dates

23-Sep-15  Wednesday       Competition

First Merit Competition;   Prints

Judge: Tony Winfield

21-Oct-15  Wednesday        Competition

Second Merit Competition    PDI

Themed Competition

”Night Time Photography (Out Doors)”

This is the Limburg Competition Theme

Judge: Peter Gennard MFIAP; EFIAP/p

18-Nov15  Wednesday       Competition

Third Merit Competition;  PDI

Judge: David Gibbins ARPS; APAGB; AFIAP

09-12-15  Wednesday       Competition

Fourth Merit Competition         Prints

Judge: Peter Clark FRPS; EFIAP/p; APSA; MPSA

20-Jan-16  Wednesday   Competition

Fifth Merit Competition          PDI

Judge: TBA

03-Feb-16  Wednesday   Competition

Three of a Kind Competition    Prints

Judge: TBA

17-Feb-16  Wednesday   Competition

Sixth Merit Competition            Prints

Judge: Anne Sutcliffe FRPS

16-Mar-16           Wednesday     Competition

Seventh Merit Competition       PDI

Judge: John  Haines

06-Apr-16           Wednesday     Competition

Eight Merit Competition           Prints

Judge: TBA

11-May-16 Wednesday    Competition

Ninth Merit Competition           Prints

Judge Harish Chavda MPAGB; ARPS

01-Jun-16               Wednesday     Competition

Tenth Merit Competition            Prints

Judge: David Lowe DPAGB; ARPS