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Digital Image (PDI) Competitions

New members may wish to start entering PDI competitions by simply uploading their digital .jpeg images.  If you haven't done this before it will help if you watch the short instructional video Photo Entry System that is on the Tutorials page.

​1.  Log in to PhotoEntry and you will see two Internal Merit Print Competition groups, one for Colour and one for Mono​


(a) select the appropriate group: Colour or Mono 

(b) select the appropriate competition date from the list

(c) click “add new entry” and type in your title

(d) click “select jpeg and then select the appropriate file on your computer to transfer

(e) repeat for your other entries

(f) when finished click on Show your entries for this competition to check that all images have been successfully uploaded

(g) your entries should be uploaded no less than a week before the Competition night

(h) Members make submit up to 4 PDI images in each competition.

2.  If any member is a darkroom worker with no computer facilities for producing PDIs, please contact the Competition Secretary for assistance in entering competitions.

Advanced_Slight, Graham_The Swan After Sunset_Selected.jpg

The Swan After Sunset by Graham Slight

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